Course Rules of GC Altenhof in conjunction with the DGV Rules of Golf and the Rules of Competition of the Northern Region

  1. Off (Rule 18.2)
    Off is marked by white stakes, fences or walls. If white lines mark the course boundary, they have priority. The out boundary between holes 16 and 17 applies only when playing hole 16.


  2. No-play zones (Rule 2.4)
    are marked by stakes with green heads. Playing from them is prohibited.
    Entering may be considered serious misconduct in violation of Rule 1.2.
    A player must claim relief under an applicable rule (16, 17 or 18).
    If the ball is in the field and the player's stance or swing is obstructed by a no-play zone, the player must claim penalty-free relief within one club length of the nearest point of complete relief.


  3. Unusual court conditions (ground in repair, immovable obstructions) (Rule 16.1).

    1. Ground in repair is indicated by white circles and/or blue stakes.
      If both are present, the line applies.

    2. Even without marking, the following is ground in repair:
      - Freshly laid sod
      - Drainage trenches backfilled with gravel

    3. Plantings marked with stakes, cuffs, ribbons or ropes are unusual site conditions.

    4. At the player's option, waterfowl droppings on courses may be treated as loose obstructing natural material from which removal is permitted under Rule 15.1 or as unusual course conditions from which relief is permitted under Rule 16.1.


  4. Penalty Areas (Rule 17)
    If it is not certain whether a ball hit in the direction of the Penalty Area while playing holes 12 and 13 is lost therein or therein, the player may play another ball provisionally under any of the applicable choices of Rule 17. If the original ball is found outside the penalty area, the player must continue play with it. If the original ball is found in the Penalty Area, the player may either play the original ball as it lies or continue play with the ball played provisionally under Rule 17.1. If the original ball is not found or identified within the 3 minute search period, the player must continue play with the provisionally played ball.

Unless the Rules of Golf provide for a different penalty:
Penalty for violation of a course rule Basic penalty.

Return of scorecard in scoring area.
The scorecard is considered surrendered when the player has left this area. It is strongly recommended that each player hand in his card personally to avoid any misunderstandings.